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Our projects

Our Core Ethics

Commitment to Love, Laughter, and Positive Change

The community is dedicated to spreading love and positivity, emphasizing the importance of laughter and contributing positively to society.

Community Empowerment

The community is empowered to propose and develop innovative blockchain projects. This indicates a commitment to decentralization and allowing community members to actively participate in shaping the ecosystem.

Inclusivity and Education

The ecosystem aims to equip individuals with essential tools for accessing opportunities in crypto education. This suggests a commitment to inclusivity, education, and knowledge sharing within the community.

About “HABIBIS” Statistics

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Habibi contract addresses

BSC: 0x61221f03E788F1BB8669e9C60549555b5a38d765

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

0.3% buy/sell tax on DEX

Roadmap of Habibi

Visit our roadmap to discover the future of Habibi.